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I have 3 Raspberry Pis, a 3B, a 3B+ and a Zero W. The 3B is the first one I got and have started making it into my mini-server. I got a battery pack for it so it can be on 24/7. My modem and router are also on a battery so they will stay on 24/7 also. The Zero W has a camera on it and I am going to make that into a security camera that will send to the server. I have a few old hard drives and usb sata adapters so I can store a few weeks of video on the server. I originally got a 7" screen with it but it is not needed for a server so I am using it on the 3B+. I just got the 3B+ and have not done anything with it except put it in the screen housing.

On this page I will put info on how I get everything to work as well as links to any other useful Raspberry Pi info I come across.