Index Disclaimer Page

First off, I made this page and the other pages on this site FOR ME.
(or more accurately, the pages in the directory this file is and all sub-directories, not necessarily the directories above this one)
I made them over the years because I prefer to have information localized in one spot.
These files were never actually meant to be online, I kept them on my various devices so I would have the information available even if I had no internet access.
My writing style tends to be fragmented and ... [end of thought]

I am not a writer and failed english class in school many times,
My problem was not input but rather a difficulty getting words out.
As I write, it takes a few minutes of thinking of the rite words to put in, over thinking and ... brain working too fast for hands to write/type.
Spelling, grammer, (other writing terms) I am not good with.
Coding languages are much simpler and say exactly what they mean. That I can do.
... rambeling, half-thoughts, off topic ideas, lists, anti-lists, I usually just type, edit, rearrange and whatever aslong as I can.
It is rare that I get into a typing mood so these types of pages are few and far between.

The majority of the information on these pages I copied, collected and compiled from various sources because it was information I looked for.
99% of the HTML, CSS, and javascript on these pages were hand typed by me.
I rarely use any web design software, prefering instead to use simple text editors, ie. DOS's (com as in dos command not url .com) or gedit in linux.
To save space, I usually don't include closing tags for <tr> and <td>. (probably some others but can't think of them now.)
I prefer not to indent nested tags, rather, I try to keep as much of a line of tags on the same editor line especially when it comes to tables. Keeping the entire <tr> on one line helps me arrange the table.
Common styles for my pages include: over use of <br> for every sentence, lack of <p>, pages centered

I learned most html from reverse engineering webpages in the 90s and early 2000s.
From 2002-2010 I didn't really learn much with reguards to web design.
Starting somewhere in 2011-2012 (don't remember when exactly) I started picking it back up. HTML and CSS were first.
I learned a little javascript to make my game guides. First came the Dragon Quest 8 - Items v3, a simple button style. Later the Eye of the Beholder full map walkthrough with clickable grid info.

Strangely, I have never learned any actual "Computer Programming Languages", I tried "starting to learn" several languages but never had any goal or project so never got anywhere.

My first computer language was AutoLISP, List programming for AutoCAD r14. I went to school for drafting and worked using autocad for a while, so I created scripts to speed the drawing of countertops in 5% of the time it normally took. When I dropped out of 'colledge' and no longer worked in drafting, I gave up on that language.

Another language I learned was LSL, Linden Scripting Language, for SecondLife. I usually would find an item and try to replicate its scripts, never to make money but just for the challenge. I made my own teleporter that was simpler and wider ranging than most others I had found, made my own lighting scripts that worked any number of lights anywhere on the sim, and several other smaller 'toys'. One of my friends there raced cars and I practically rebuilt the driving controll scripts for him cleaner and better than the ones he started with. He would pass me a script he was having trouble with and I would pass it back fixed before he finished explaining what it wasn't doing that he wanted it to do.

Some YouTube videos I found that may help you understand me a little.
Finally, as I stated earlier, I made this for me. If you don't like it, go somewhere else.